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Web Hosting Services
Soft-Tech Internet has a broad range of services to cater for all your business needs. We will host, design, maintain and update your internet presence for you at very affordable rates. Register today for Hosting and Access services.  Let our talented team of programmers and designers create a site for your business or corporate entity, that is professional, creatively designed, effective and above all on time.
Type Services Storage Email Boxes Outgoing Yearly*
Domain Parking Only available where domain is registered and managed by us N/A N/A N/A FREE
Web Economy CGI/PHP/Parking/MailingList/SSL (*nix Hosting Only) 1Gb 50 5Gb $132.00
Web Budget CGI/PHP/Aliasing/MailingList/MySQL/SSL (ASP/No SSL or SQL on Windows Hosting) 2Gb 100 10Gb $264.00
SOHO CGI/PHP/Aliasing/MailingList/MySQL/SSL (ASP/MSSQL on Windows Hosting) 10Gb 150 20Gb $396.00
Web Regular CGI/PHP/Aliasing/MailingList/MySQL/SSL (ASP/MSSQL on Windows Hosting) 20Gb 200 50Gb $528.00
Web Power CGI/PHP/Aliasing/MailingList/MySQL/SSL (ASP/MSSQL on Windows Hosting) 50Gb 500 100Gb $1250.00
* All Hosting attract an annual $55.00 fee where the domain is not managed by us.
As Per Table Above:

Microsoft FrontPage Support FREE
Use FrontPage to publish your website to our servers.
Microsoft ASP Server Support (Windows Hosting Only) FREE
Use Microsoft ASP Server extensions on your website.
PHP Support FREE
Access PHP scripting language. Ideal for e-commerce and online shopping.
Domain Aliasing FREE
Have multiple domain names point to a single website.
MailMan Mailing List (*nix Hosting Only) FREE
Set up a customer or contact mailing list with inbuilt subscribe/unsubscribe capability.
MySQL Database Access (MSSQL on Windows Hosting) FREE
Access MySQL database services. Ideal for e-commerce and online shopping.
Secure Server (SSL) Access FREE !
Offer a secure server option to your clients using our digital certificate (*nix Hosting Only).

Secure server access enables electronic commerce and other secure transactions allowing your website visitors to exchange information securely between themselves and the server.

Windows hosting requires your own SSL certificate, please ask for details.

Want to use your own SSL certificate? Purchase and installation by us, POA.
Custom Programming, Web Design and CGI Installation:
Canít do it yourself? Let our Professional programmers do it for you. Quotations are available for planned projects.
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