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Mail Server Settings in Outlook Express
1. Load the Outlook Express Program

2. Click on Tools, Then Accounts

3. Click on ‘ADD’ then ‘MAIL’

4. For Display name, type your REAL name, then click NEXT

5. Select "I already have an email address I’d like to use" and enter your Soft-Tech email Address and click NEXT

6. This screen is asking for Incoming and Outgoing Mail server addresses. In the Incoming (POP3) Server field enter pop3.st.net.au In the Outbound (SMTP) Server field enter smtp.st.net.au then click NEXT

7. Enter your username (full email address) and password, then click NEXT

8. Click FINISH

9. Click CLOSE

POP3/Incoming/Receiving: pop3.st.net.au
SMTP/Outgoing/Sending: smtp.st.net.au
Details :
Username: Enter your Soft-Tech Dial-Up username (full email address).
Password: Enter your Soft-Tech Dial-Up password.
Organisation: Enter your business name (If Applicable)
Reply Address: Enter your Soft-Tech Dial-Up username (full email address)
If you have any problems in the setting up of your email account, please contact us to take advantage of your free customer support service. Our Help Desk is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The helpdesk phone number is 1300 730 943.
News Servers in Outlook Express

1. Click on Tools, Then on Accounts

2. Click on Add, Then on News

3. For Display name, Type your REAL name, then click Next

4. Type in your Soft-Tech Email Address, then click Next

5. For the News server address, type news.st.net.au

6. Click Next

7. Click Finish

8. Click Close

Proxy Server Settings
FTP Server Settings

Selected account types at Soft-Tech come with access to homepage space, check our current account types for details on your entitlement.

Your Internet Address is "http://www.st.net.au/~your_account_name" (i.e.. If your Soft-Tech Dial-in user name is "spider@st.net.au", your internet website address would be "http://www.st.net.au/~spider")

Uploading your homepage to our server.

The following information is required to upload your homepage to your home directory. Please ensure that the "start" page is named "index.htm".

Host Name: ftp.st.net.au
Host Type: Automatic Detect
User ID: Your Internet Dial-in Account name
Password: Your Internet Dial-in Password
If you are trying to connect to our web server to access your virtual server account, please use the following settings.
Host Name: ftp2.st.net.au
Host Type: Automatic Detect
User ID: Your Virtual Server Username
Password: Your Virtual Server Password
If you have any problems creating your website or you wish for Soft-Tech to create you an affordable but highly professional page, please contact us either by emailing webmaster@st.net.au or by telephone on 1300 730 943.
Modem Disconnections
So you’ve been getting disconnected from the Internet regularly, and are looking for some answers? We at Soft-Tech, have provided a list of common problems, remedies, and things to check, in order to resolve a very common, but annoying problem.

Picking Up Other Phones on the Same Line 

If someone in your house picks up another phone that is on the same extension (like a double-adapter) as the modem, this can be one very obvious, but often, unknown reason, for a line drop out. Informing other family members not to pick up the phone will fix this problem. 

Telstra Touch Phone

If you received, from Telstra, a Touch Phone 2000 when your phone line was installed and you have one connected to the same phone number somewhere else in the house; this could be causing the problem. The Telstra Touchphone 2000 will draw some electricity from the phone line every ten to twenty minutes to keep the numbers that are programmed into the 'speed-dial' buttons (the Touchphone will even do this if there are no numbers programmed - redial). The amount of current they draw is enough to disrupt your connection to Soft-Tech. Try unplugging all the other phones in the house before you dial in, in order to determine if they are causing your problem.


Fax Machines are a big culprit as well. Most faxes are used to being on their very own phone line for incoming and outgoing calls and will send a current along the line to detect if the line is in tact (some faxes will inform you if there is no line attached). If you are connecting to Soft-Tech using your fax line, it is recommended that you remove your fax from the line also.

Telstra Problem

Call Telstra. We have had several customers who have convinced Telstra that they have problems, and a different connection point in the exchange fixed the problem. One problem that is common is bad Line Noise.
Call Waiting

Always turn it of while on the net (dial #43# to disable and *43# to activate when you have finished.) Most people will assume that call waiting is not available to their phone number, however Telstra enabled call waiting in all of their Exchanges in early 1997 and is enabled by default when a Telstra technician installs a new phone line. 

Maximum Time Used for the Period of Your Account Type

If the type of account you have has a limit as to the number of hours allocated, this will cause disconnection. You are able to regularly check the amount of time you have used on your account, through our home page, which is http://www.st.net.au/. Once you have bought up the home page, click on Members Services. It will then prompt you to type in your username and password. Once typed in, click on OK, and a screen will display your personal details. Below that, will be two options, one with the wording "Change Personal Information" and the other "Accounting Information". Click on Accounting Information, and a screen will appear, with four options, for various periods of time. Select the relevant period, and click on Submit. A screen will appear with a list of logon and logoff times, along with the amount of data downloaded and uploaded, and the amount of time used. If you scroll down (if necessary), at the bottom of the page, a list of totals should be visible.

If you find that you have used all your time, and are unable to login to check the amount of time you have used, contact Soft-Tech on 1300 730 943.

Internet Explorer Auto-Disconnect

Is Internet Explorer set to disconnect after 20 minutes idle time? Double click on My Computer and double click on Dial Up Networking. RIGHT click on the Soft-Tech icon, and select Properties. Under the General tab, select the Configure button, located just below, the type of modem specified. Click on the Connection tab, and there will be an option 'disconnect if idle for more than...". If there is a tick in the box just before this option, take the tick out.

If you open a connection using Internet Explorer and use another program for 20 minutes or so, Internet Explorer will consider idle time as time that Internet Explorer is not being used. Even if you're downloading a file using Internet Explorer for longer than 20 minutes.


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